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exhortationForces United are pleased to be associated with and welcome the Poppy Appeal – Westcliff on Sea Royal British Legion.

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This group is for anyone who is interested in supporting the Poppy Appeal in the Westcliff on Sea and Southend on Sea areas in any way you can.
You can volunteer to be a Poppy collector, or organise an event at your school or workplace, such as a dress down day or a sponsored walk, in fact anything, as long as it's within the law of the land!
Every year in this area alone, we raise in the region of £58,000, every year I aim to increase that total, with the help of my dedicated team.
Over the last ten years we have increased our area total from just over £24,000 to £58,000.
I have a dedicated team of Poppy Collectors but I always welcome more, people always enjoy it and become regular helpers each year.
Although we recognise the excellent work carried out by other charities and members of the public, we do not allow non-RBL events to be discussed in this group.
Neither do we allow private company adverts, extremist views or any comments liable to insult or upset anyone.
Any offending post will be removed possibly without notice and without appeal.

Registered Charity 219279.


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