There is no hard and fast rules for the VSCs.  Initially, the post was set up as a local connection to County Areas, with the VSCs providing information for the web team to find and add organisations to the website.

Soon after the start of the venture it was realised that this powerful volunteers position was uniquely placed to be more than just informational.

The Forces Online team followed this with the implementation of the County system, and added a local directory to the main Veterans Directory which became the County VS Directories, each with its own website page,email address, and now County Facebook Groups.

"we have noticed that the County Groups are now beginning to follow the same pattern as the initial members group which started back in 2013".

Whilst we can plan for what we think is every eventuality, every time a Veterans Support Request comes into the central Forces Online CIO Team, through one of our many contact systems, we have found the one thing associated with all of them is that they are unique.  Some are easy and can be sorted by the WSA's, and some much more complicated and we look to the VSCs for support, and this is beginning to bring about more change, in that some of the VSCs are becoming more hands on and acting more like welfare officers.

If you live and work in a particular area you are going to have a much better general appreciation of what support is available where you live, and its this which makes working on a local basis valuable to us. The VSC positions are slowly evolving and the changes will be part of our continual development, with the VSCs shaping their own futures and learning from each other.

If you work for a Veterans organisation in your local area we are just as happy to let you represent that organisation with us, as Forces Online CIO wants to work and support everyone and "Help Veterans and their Families where ever we can".  Finally its worth remembering that our Founder sat in the then Forces United group with just a small handful of people back in 2013, and made a decision to overcome any barriers by going over, under, round or smashing straight through"! and, he has plenty of VSC time served under his belt. He knows what it takes to help people with hardship issues, and would be happy to discuss this position with you....

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