I/we agree and will fully cooperate with the following statement in relation to any work undertaken on behalf of Forces Online CIO as a paid/voluntary worker or a contracted third party individual or organisation.

  • I/we understand that both operational, planning and clients contact details may be published in any of the Forces Online CIO administration areas, for administrative purposes.

  • I/we understand and agree that I/we will not share (either intentionally or unintentionally) any of the information within any Forces Online CIO administrative areas that I/we have access to as a Volunteer, employee or contractor, unless my position allows me to do so which will subject to certain written and agreed policy/guidance to do so.

  • I/we understand and agree that I/we will work in a manner within any Forces Online CIO public or private group, page or website in a strict, confidential manner and will not share any content displayed or discussed in any of these areas, with anyone who is not residing within it.

  • I/we understand and agree that, at all times, I/we will work in a manner that will not compromise my/our membership/employment or contractual rights of any Forces Online CIO email, page, group, website or personal working Social Media accounts used for Forces Online CIO business, in terms of keeping my/our own access/profile(s) secure at all times, and not leave any devices logged into any of these areas unattended that could be accessed by an unauthorised individual or organisation with or without my/our knowledge.

  • I/we fully agree and understand that the owner of any content shared within any Forces Online CIO group, page, or website including my own Forces Online CIO email/communication system becomes the express ownership of Forces Online CIO business.

  • I/we will not bring Forces Online CIO into any disrepute as a result of not agreeing with any content displayed within any Forces Online CIO group, page, website or email, and if I/we do not agree with anything displayed or discussed I/we will take the matter up through the organisations internal grievance procedure or complaints procedure, and not post any such material to show my/our displeasure or involve others who may have no right to view/share such material.

  • Where you have access to any Forces Online CIO media or hardware as a result of your position with the organisation such as email, etc. then it should be used solely for Forces Online CIO .

  • By processing any application I/we decide to go back on my/our word, and Forces Online CIO can directly evidence my/our actions, then I/we face the consequences that may lead me/us to be removed from any such group, page, website or communication access, and I/we may face legal proceedings against me/us, which could lead to my/our removal from the organisation.

  • Where I am/we are working for Forces Online CIO either in voluntary or paid positions I/we will refrain for any personal Counselling or Therapy sessions with other members/beneficiaries, etc. unless I am/we are specifically engaged to do so, and that my/our employment/contractual file has evidence of my/our qualifications and relevant training to do so.  This does not include the initial contact to ascertain or friendship support that may be present within our Social Media Area.

  • Conflict of Interest.  You must ensure that you disclose information where by working with similar organisations either paid or voluntary, this may cause a conflict of interest. Forces Online CIO will not discriminate against individuals who are currently working with similar organisations, proving you fully disclose this information an any application to work with Forces Online CIO, who may ask for further information on how they will separate their interests.  Forces Online CIO reserve the right to decline applications where this cannot be resolved, and could cause damage to or allow such employees/volunteers to disclose sensitive information about the organisations inner circles and activities without authorisation.

  • By prossessing any applications for membership or to represent the organisation in terms of employment, voluntary or contractual work with Forces Online CIO,  I/we can be added to any group, page, website or email systems, this Confidentiality Agreement between me or my organisation and Forces Online CIO then I /we understand that this document becomes legally binding evidence that shows I/we agreed with the above.

  • Where you or any organisation does not agree with any of the text in the Confidentiality Agreement, then this needs to be put in writing to Forces Online CIO before entering into any membership agreement, employment or voluntary work or contractual agreement with us.